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Provides an additional space for events to host an extra auditorium, poster hall, booths, or other event features.

Offers 10 booths and up to 10 stand representatives per booth, allowing for more exhibitors and representatives to showcase their products or services.

Extend 500+ attendees to participate in the virtual event simultaneously.

Provides attendees with digital certificates of participation or achievement, certifying their attendance or completion of the event.

Extends the registration period for attendees by an additional 7 days, allowing more time for potential attendees to register for the event.

Provides an additional day for the event to take place, allowing for more sessions or presentations to be included.

Offers an extra day of on-demand access to event content, giving attendees more time to view recorded presentations or sessions.

Increases the maximum number of registrations for the event to 1000 more attendees.

Allows an additional email send to attendees to promote or provide information about the event.

Extends the duration of the event by an additional 4 hours, allowing for more sessions or presentations to be included.

Provides 8 hours of live support during the event to help attendees or organizers with any technical issues or questions.

Offers full branding customization of the virtual event, including logos, colors, and other visual elements to create a fully branded experience.

Includes gamification features such as a leaderboard, providing a fun and interactive way for attendees to engage with the event and compete with others.

You will be provided a Vimeo Pro account and configuration of your video streaming on the platform, allowing for a seamless live streaming experience.

Sends live notifications to attendees during the event, providing updates or reminders about sessions or presentations.

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